Philadelphia Marathon Training: Week 5 Recap

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a great week. Yes, week 5 of training technically ended a few days ago but it was such a good one I need to get it on paper. If I’m ever feeling some pre-race nerves, I read through old blog posts or training log entries to remember all the solid runs and hard work that got me to race day. The Philadelphia Marathon is still two months out and I can’t wait to see how training goes if I continue riding this momentum! So here’s how last week looked:

Monday: 8 miles with Georgia


  • Monday morning runs with Georgia are back in action! These runs fly by as we chat the entire way and do our usual river loop that I could probably run with my eyes closed at this point.

Tuesday: 6 miles with Fenspeed (with a mile PR) + core


  • Once a year we do an all-out mile at Fenspeed. I’ve joked before that I run every distance the same pace and I’ve never been great at pushing through that pain threshold to get too uncomfortable. My last mile PR was 6:39 and I knew I could run it much faster so I was excited for another shot.
  • We ran a few 400s to warm up and I did those at my goal pace so I could get a feel for how hard I needed to push it. Considering my lungs were burning after one 400 I knew it was going to be super tough. I didn’t look at my watch once during the mile, which in hindsight is probably not the smartest move, but I held on as best I could and ended up running a 6:10. That’s nearly 30 seconds faster, my friends. Let’s just say I was walking with my chest puffed out a little bit all day :)

Wednesday: 5 miles easy + ?? stadium sections


  • We did my favorite workout called Relayman where you and a partner each run 5 sections at a time and tag the person out relay style. It forces you to go hard for a short period of time, rest quickly, and race again. I partnered with a super fast friend who 1) gave me basically no rest and 2) encouraged me to go harder than I ever have before. Let’s just say I was feeling this one for many days.

Thursday: 8 miles easy + Core

  • Slow, easy, hobbling miles. That’s about it.

Friday: 20 miles


  • I debated whether I should even be doing 20 this early considering I’m not racing for 2 months. I also debated whether I should be running at all when I was still so sore from Wednesday. But the weather was perfect, I wanted to get my long run in before the weekend, and I had plans to meet Georgia for the last 7 so off I went.
  • I spent the first 8 miles thinking about how long I should run. When I truly checked in I realized I was feeling fine and my pace kept dropping so why not just stick to the plan? I ended up running at an average 8:12 pace for my first 20 miler of the season and pretty freaking happy about that.

Saturday: 7 miles easy

  • Easy, slow, barely awake miles with the team. These weren’t pretty but it definitely helped me wake up after a late night out.

Sunday: Rest

Total Mileage: 55

Highlights: Track, stadium and long run were all a blast.

Lowlights: Paying for how hard I went at the stadium through the weekend. I need to have a little more discipline holding back until the marathon is over. I also wasn’t great about core this week.

Goals This Week:

  • Don’t let stadium shred me for days.
  • Easier long run to step back after 20.
  • Core and bring back some mobility exercises.

That’s it for today. Have a good one, friends!

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