Last Weekend Hiking in New Hampshire

Hi there! I hope you had a great long weekend. I spent three days at Christine’s cabin in New Hampshire for a weekend of hiking, cooking, playing board games endlessly and simply unplugging. If we rewind four weeks ago right after I went home for the holidays, Chris picked me up from the airport and asked if I wanted to go hiking the next day with a bunch of friends. I was kind of terrified about the idea of winter hiking but agreed to go and ended up having an amazing time. I never thought I’d spend every weekend thereafter in the White Mountains and that I’d be okay with being away from Boston my last few weeks here. I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten to see another side of New England, and I will definitely miss these views.


We spent Saturday hiking South Hancock, another 4,000 footer with an 8.5 mile trail round-trip. For any locals looking to hike in New Hampshire, heads up that this trail actually begins with about three miles of mostly flat hiking, so flat that we thought we were definitely lost until we saw a sign about 1.5 miles into the trail. You start to climb gradually until you reach a sign that says 0.5 miles to the summit. And then you go straight up. I’m not exaggerating that we had to take breaks every 10 steps. I’d also recommend wearing crampons and bringing poles, neither of which I had, because I was fully on my hands and more often butt trying (and failing) to climb. As always though, the views were 100% worth it.


After a quick snack and now-traditional swig of Fireball, we started to head back down the mountain and quickly realized there was no chance we’d be able to descend without falling over and over again. So we made the obvious choice and slid down on our butts the entire .5 miles until the trail flattened out. It’s something I’ll never forget – sledding without a sled as a 25 year old screaming like a child.


Starving and in desperate need of hot chocolate, we headed to the Mount Washington Hotel for drinks. This is a stunning hotel at the base of Mount Washington where skiers, tourists, locals and the like come to relax after a day spent in the mountains. If you’ve ever in the White Mountains, you have to stop here for a peppermint hot chocolate and sink into their cozy couches for some people watching.


The rest of the weekend was spent running the beautiful, small town New England roads; cooking feasts in between gorging on fig jam, cheese and crackers; playing board games Christine has had since she could barely hold ski poles; and laughing over the silliest things that would make no sense explaining here.


Sorry for the blurry photo but a weekend at her cabin wouldn’t be complete without showing you where we spent nearly every minute. It was either laying on that floor in front of the fireplace or playing stupid games like slingshots with carrots.


I think the best part about the weekend was its simplicity – doing a whole of nothing with two of my favorite people and just unplugging for three days. I didn’t touch my phone aside from snapping a few of these photos and calling my dad once. We spent a lot of time just listening. Listening to each other, of course, but also listening to the stillness. There’s nothing like the silence that surrounds you hiking in January in New Hampshire or the silence of reading by the fireplace with nowhere to be. It was just one of those good for the soul kind of weekends. I have one more weekend left in Boston and I’ll be soaking up the city as I know and love it, but I’m sure I’ll be back in New Hampshire again some day.


How could you stay away too long from somewhere like this? Have a great night!

Have you ever been hiking in New England?

What was the best part of your weekend?


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