The city is our playground

Hi there! How was your day? I stepped outside to a little chill in the air for the first time in months, and it was absolutely perfect. Oh how you appreciate fall running come September! Backing up to yesterday, I started my week off with a November Project destination deck in City Hall Plaza. For any new readers out there, every Monday a few hundred of us meet at a different location throughout the city. You’re expected to run to and from the workout, and we do some kind of bodyweight circuit for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Yesterday’s workout split up the guys and girls, and we formed teams of four. For the first 8 minutes, one person on the team did sprints while the other three members either did burpees, planks or rested. When the sprinting member finished her lap, we rotated through another exercise. Repeat for 8 minutes.


The second 8 minutes had two members doing single-leg step-ups on these massive pillars, while the other two members held wall squats against the side of the pillars. The step-up pair did three per leg, then we rotated.


Credi to Bojan Mandaric, November Project

Got it? The city is our playground at November Project, and this was a perfect example of how you don’t need anything but your own body to get an awesome workout. As always, 6:30 a.m. was the highlight of my Monday and the rest of the work day was uneventful – just a speed bump until the Bachelorette finale. Guilty pleasure, no shame. While I was crafting up my dinosaur costume for Friday, I may have shed a tear or two at the rose ceremony. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t caught up yet but tell me your thoughts in the comments if I have any Bachelorette readers out there! I was very, very happy with her choice and the last few minutes melted my heart.

I normally have a speed workout on Tuesdays, but those have been subbed for mid-distance tempo runs for the second half of my training plan. I don’t want to miss seeing my group, though, so I timed today’s 10 mile tempo to include the marathon pace miles at the track.


In all honesty my legs were dead this morning until about 5 miles in to the run. While I can run sub-7 minute miles (news to me as of last week), my legs will still default to 9 minute miles if I zone out, and they were perfectly content at that pace this morning. I ran negative splits for the first set of fast miles, but they weren’t nearly as consistently fast as they should’ve been. Ditto for the second set. I’m going to try warming up a bit longer on Thursday and bank on the fact that I’ll be up a full two hours before my marathon unlike most runs when I’m barely functioning.

I ended the day at Tip Tap Room for dinner with Kathryn, a friend I haven’t seen in months and who shares my infatuation with California. She just got back from a trip to Southern California so we had lots to catch up on. I went with my favorite dish – the tofu tips served with tomatoes, avocado and quinoa. Delicious as always!


Time to catch up on After the Final Rose. Mock away. Have a great night!

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