10 Podcasts for the Health & Real Talk Junkie

Hi friends! How was your weekend? Last week completely got away from me thanks to a big work event that made for much longer days. I’m thinking about what was worth sharing and the first thing that comes to mind was the kickoff party for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s fall marathon season.


There was so much positive energy in the room, and I felt way more comfortable speaking in front of the group than I did months before. I coached about 30 people for the Run to Remember half marathon, but this season includes anyone locally training for the Chicago, Marine Corps, or NYC Marathons so our team is creeping up to 60 and counting. I’m so excited to get started in a few weeks!

Aside from that, not a whole lot to report. My workouts have been really low-key recently just running by feel, and I kept the weekend equally relaxing – opting for a New Girl binge Friday and Saturday night and my days were more social catching up with friends.


As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a podcast junkie. I started listening to podcasts when I was living alone in Los Angeles, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I listen to podcasts while I get ready in the mornings, run, commute, or cook. I don’t get much time to read but this is my way to feel like I’m still learning or listening to interesting conversations that challenge the way I think.

A few friends have asked what I listen to recently and I shared a few favorites a while ago, but my list has changed and grown a ton. So, here’s what’s on my rotation these days. Disclaimer, in the same way I don’t like short books with big fonts, I don’t particularly like short podcasts so most of these episodes are close to an hour or more. What can I say – I’m wordy and a sucker for real, in-depth conversations.

Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette: Oh, I’m such a fan girl of Nicole. I feel like we’re friends in a weird way and will listen to ANY podcast if she’s being interviewed. She has honest conversations with a wide range of people (athletes, writers, artists, coaches, etc.) about what’s really going on in their lives.

Running on Om: My friend, Julia Hanlon, hosts this podcast featuring guests from a variety of backgrounds – authors, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, chefs, etc. Julia asks thoughtful questions and you can tell how comfortable all the guests feel talking with her about the deeper stuff.

Rich Roll: This was the first podcast I listened to and it’s still one of my favorites. I skip over some of his guests and he can get preachy on veganism, but he does interview some interesting athletes, activists, and entrepreneurs.

Runners Connect: I got hooked on Tina Muir’s blog recently and appreciate how approachable she is as an elite runner. Tina interviews experts with one purpose – how to improve your running – but she defines success as more than just seeking that next PR.

Finding Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais: The only podcast episode I’ve listened to multiple times is Rich Roll’s interview with Michael Gervais, a leading sports psychology. Then I discovered Michael’s podcast and I’m obsessed with his way of discovering what’s really going on when the best of the best achieve excellence.

The Joy Junkie Show: The host, Amy E. Smith, is another woman I feel like I know and love already. She hosts this podcast with her husband, and they talk a lot about relationship ups & downs but also general self-confidence issues, managing fears, and other scary real life stuff.

Wellness Wonderland Radio: I just talked about this one but it’s worth repeating. Katie Dalebout hosts this podcast that mostly interviews women about body positivity. She has a lot of episodes about eating disorder recovery that I skip over, but she also explores topics like spirituality, yoga, creativity, relationships, and blogging.

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes: This is another podcast that’s hit or miss with the guests he interviews, but it’s one of the most popular so you’ll see guests like Elizabeth Gilbert and Ariana Huffington. The simple goal: discover what makes people great.

The Sessions with Sean Croxton: I listened to his last podcast, Underground Wellness, and this is his newest venture that has a wider scope than just health. He’s a fantastic interviewer and tends to ask questions that you wouldn’t expect. Similar to Lewis Howes, he’s been at this for a while so you’ll come across a bunch of well-known guests.

Being Boss: Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson co-host this podcast about building a business you love. They discuss topics from branding to routines to financial security, and they’ll occasionally interview outside experts. I’m not a “creative entrepreneur” (their main audience) and still find a ton of value here.

Adulthood Made Simple: I just discovered this one and it’s exactly what it sounds like – discussions about “normal” adulthood things like living someone for the first time, making friends after college, job hopping, etc.

I have a few more on my feed but these are the ones I go to every single week. I’ve found most of these podcasts when the hosts are interviewed on other podcasts I already listen to so it’s a lovely little rabbit hole. I typically browse through their feed and download an episode that seems intriguing and if it hooks me within the first 10 minutes, they stay on my list. What are your favorites and how do you find them?

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