Weekend Highlights: Hiking Mount Osceola

Hi there! How was your weekend? Boston had a strangely summer weekend with temperatures nearing 90┬░ so I made sure to take full advantage of the fleeting warmth. While I love the heat for frolicking about all day, I don’t love it for running and was getting used to the beautiful fall mornings. I had 16 miles on tap for Saturday morning and met Chris bright and early for our favorite route towards Castle Island.


I had an interval run with three easy miles (7:50 – 8:00) and one marathon pace mile (7:25). Repeat four times for a total of 16. “Long slow distance” isn’t really in my vocabulary anymore, so it helps to have some fast friends who push me in to gear every now and then. We also met another friend for the middle miles, and I quickly learned that she studied sports psychology so I spent the next hour unloading every fear, thought, concern, etc. about marathon training. I basically got a free therapy session and she said some incredible things that deserve their own post soon. Cliff notes version: my thoughts are the only thing standing in the way between my BQ. So many things to share so stay tuned. As dramatic as it sounds, Chris and I both called the run life changing as we caught our breath in awe.


I spent the rest of the day watching Lucy compete in a regatta in Marblehead, a town on the North Shore about 45 minutes from Boston. I couldn’t get over that I was on a floating dock in bathing suit on September 27. Certainly not a bad place to soak up the sun.


Even though I was only able to chat with Lucy in between her races, I’ll take whatever I can get considering she lives nowhere near Boston. See you in a few weeks, Lu!┬áThe other highlight of my weekend was hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with Christine and her roommate. I’m still so new to hiking and easily infatuated, but even the veterans agreed this was an incredible hike. We met at the base of Mount Osceola, one of the 4,000 foot mountains in New Hampshire and chose the 6.4 mile trail to the summit.


It took us about an hour and a half each way, much less time than we anticipated. The views at the summit were breathtaking, so I’ll let the pictures speak from themselves.




Amazing right? Next up: Mount Washington, the tallest peak in New England. We’re hoping to conquer it this Sunday but that all depends on the weather since Mount Washington is notorious for some scary conditions. This weekend is also one of my last weekends in Boston through early December so I want to make it as quintessential fall New England as I can. Have a great night, friends!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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