24 Memories from 24

Hi there! How was your day? Only one more day until the weekend, friends. I was up extra early this morning to get my long run done because it’s my birthday tomorrow so I want to be able to fully enjoy all the celebrations. Thus, 13 miles before work it was. I had intervals with 2 easy, 1 marathon mile, and 1 tempo miles (repeat 3 times, cool down for 1 mile). No long, slow runs on this plan. It was really tough moving my legs this morning between marathon and Wisconsin recovery, track, and stadium, but I pushed through to cover 13 in 1:43. I’ll take it, plus it was an absolutely perfect fall New England morning to run.

So as most writers are, I’m pretty sentimental and find myself a lot more reflective on my birthday than any other days of the year. I loved writing my 2013 highlights post, so let’s look back at 24 top moments from my 24th year. You’ll see some repeats and I’ve been blogging my way through all these, but I know I’ll love having these memories down years to come! Now on to the moments, big and small, that defined this wonderful year…I’ll always remember:

1. My first surprise birthday party

2. The moment my brother married Nicole, my beautiful sister-in-law who I’m so thankful for every day

View More: http://sarahpudlo.pass.us/nicolebradwedding

3. Ricki’s birthday weekend & Friendsgiving in Western Mass.

4. Lucy’s first November Project and being able to introduce her to a new community that’s quickly become her family in New York


5. The morning when we played captured the flag on a sheet of ice at the track

6. Orrin’s last November Project workout when a group of us decided to do the 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. groups for double the fun (in a feet of snow)


7. The New Years Day stadium workout, when everyone was deliriously tired, some people questionably still tipsy, but we all showed up because we knew we couldn’t start 2014 off without NP

8. The morning when we shoveled Summit Avenue in -20°

9. My day trip to Cape Cod to visit a friend. It was the first time I truly spent a lot of time alone with Amanda, and she’s become one of my very closest friends.


10. The weekend at Ricki’s family’s house in Vermont when I learned how to ski again

11. Running through Charmlee, a completely untouched trail in Malibu

12. Discovering a hidden sliver of paradise in the old LA zoo


13. My dad’s surprise birthday party

14. My long overdue reunion with Abbie, one of my closest friends from college who I lost touch with for no particular reason, but everything fell right back in to place like nothing had changed


15. Volunteering for the Boston Marathon

16. Puppy sitting Sydney (the peak of my popularity)

17. Finding this view at the top of a mountain with Danny, someone I barely knew before going to Portland but quickly became a great friend


18. The most incredible run I’ve ever been on through Muir Woods in San Francisco

19. Driving through Big Sur from San Francisco to LA


20. Night run through Griffith Park, when I watched a city of millions sleep under the starlights

21. The day I won the Positivity Award

22. Cheering my friends on through their first half-Ironman

23. The hours on hours I spent laughing in Malibu with Orrin and Lucy, two of my very best friends and feeling completely content no matter how Ventura was going to be

24. November Project Summit, a weekend of love, laughter and a level of perfect weirdness only people at NP can understand

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.00.09 PM

Yeah, it’s been a hell of a year. I can’t wait to see what 25 will bring :)

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