Labor Day Weekend Highlights

Hello there! Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend full of BBQs, beaches, naps and whatever else makes you love summer. We’re all in denial that summer is winding down here in Boston, but luckily New England fall is beautiful so we aren’t quite in hibernation season just yet.

Backing up to Friday, I took the day off work and wandered all around the city with absolutely nothing I “had” to do. I went straight from November Project breakfast to the bookstore then Marathon Sports, where I ran into my friend shopping for running shoes, one of my absolute favorite activities. I of course had to stick around to offer my unsolicited opinion, and then we wandered towards the Copley farmer’s market. This market is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays, meaning I never get it thanks to work, but I go whenever I have a Friday off to stock up on my favorite granola.


Hands down the best granola I’ve ever had. Please grab some if you ever see it in any local markets – it’s the perfect balance of crunchy and mildly sweet, and the bag never skimps on the clusters that I always pick out first. Hours later I met friends for dinner in Harvard Square at Border Cafe, then ended the night with a medley of dark hot chocolate and Insomnia Cookies. For someone with very high standards thanks to my mom’s infamous chocolate chip cookies, I’m seriously impressed by the chocolate, peanut butter Insomnia cookie. It’s sinful in the best way possible.

Saturday morning started like every other with my long run, but I only had 1:15 on the plan today so it wasn’t nearly the production it normally is. I ran along the river covering 9.5 miles with an average 7:54 pace.


I then met friends for a beach day on Plum Island in Newburyport on the North Shore. The beach was beautiful, not too crowded, and only an hour away so it was perfect for just a day trip.


We headed straight from the beach to our friend’s roof deck party in South Boston, where we were treated to an incredible view of the city.


Not a bad summer day, right? Sunday was a whole lot of blissful nothing – errands, Life Alive lunch with Suzi, cooking and that’s about it. Today I was up with the sun to run to Castle Island for November Project. We had a hilariously fun workout of sprints, lunges, bear crawls, jumps and more that ended with a dash into the water.

Credit to November Project

Credit to November Project

Since everyone had the day off, we grabbed breakfast to eat on a few people’s roof deck nearby. This is just the breakfast crew (filtered with Snapseed):

Credit to Elin Flashman

Credit to Elin Flashman

I spent the rest of the day sitting on another friend’s balcony, soaking up the sun and enjoying the beauty of having nowhere to be. I’m now working my way through this list:


First step, the official race day outfit.


Six days! Have a great night, friends :)

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