July 4th Festivities

Hey there! Hope you had a great holiday weekend. I kicked mine off with NP hills, water gun fights, and a massive potluck breakfast. 11412181_743816719060095_8414849556430792479_n


If only every run could that way, right? I headed straight from the hills to meet my old roomie and a few friends for a leisurely walk through the Blue Hills. We set out for what we thought would be a 2-3 hour hike on the red trail, yet somehow found ourselves back at the car within an hour. No one really cared though since it was just an excuse to be outside.


We spent the rest of the day outside at her apartment building’s pool and enjoying a taco feast that puts my cooking to shame. I used to think taco night equated to cheap, quick, and simple, but the guys behind this masterpiece inspired me to think outside my can of black beans and jarred salsa. Think homemade¬†everything. Chris and I settled in to our food coma at the Red Sox game later that night. Despite the fact I’m not a huge baseball fan, I can enjoy any sports game on a perfect summer night.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 4.09.49 PM

With a (very rare for me) 2:30am bedtime, my Saturday morning alarm clock came way too freaking early, but I’m so glad I pulled myself out of bed for a long run. My friend had 11 miles on tap, and I told her I’d run six but we ended up covering more than nine together. I forgot how fun it is to run with a friend chatting the whole time, and I do really well with no-pressure runs.


I relaxed pretty much the rest of the day until it was time to head to a friend’s BBQ. Also worth noting – I road my bike to said BBQ which I was ridiculously proud of since I do have a legitimate amount of city biking anxiety. My friend lived in a tough area to access on public transportation, and we wanted to head to the river afterwards for fireworks which would have been a nightmare logistically. So, biking it was. I’m not at all comfortable biking on my road bike because it’s fit for racing (aka really high seat and clip in pedals), and it has thin tires that pop too easily with all the potholes. I just ordered a more comfortable commuter bike that should arrive any day now, but until then my only option is the road bike. I had a little mishap with the seat on the bike back but otherwise I kept up just fine! Seems insignificant to all you commuters out there but I was pretty happy with myself :)

I have to admit it was pretty awesome biking along the Charles just before the fireworks started when the city was all lit up by the skyline. I couldn’t stop thinking how thankful I was to be back in Boston and that I really wouldn’t be anywhere else right now.


I spent the last day of the holiday weekend wonderfully phone-free on an adventure with Chris to Newburyport and Plum Island. We made an entirely necessary pit stop at the massive Whole Foods in Lynnfield, then grabbed coffees at Plum Island Coffee Roasters before we settled on the beach for a few hours. We got really lucky with minimal holiday traffic and were able to stop at his family’s house for a cookout on the way back. It was a great end to the weekend, despite the fact I got a little too much sun and woke up with swollen, sunburnt lips this morning that kept me from going to NP. Weird, I know, but it’s really uncomfortable and honestly embarrassing. Stupid fair skin. I did manage to get in a super sweaty five mile run around noon, but it wasn’t the same as NP so my Monday is kind of thrown off.


Just makes me look forward to Fenspeed tomorrow even more. Alright friends, have a great rest of your day!

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