Marine Corps Marathon Training: Week 2 Recap

Hi friends! We made it to Friday. I hope you have exciting or relaxing plans on tap this weekend. I’m catching up with my friend, Christine, soon to talk all the life things since she’s been busy traveling the world most the summer. We generally end up cooking and talking endlessly on her hour couch despite our best intentions to actually “do something.” I can’t wait.


I’m coaching tomorrow morning and then spending the rest of the weekend moving…again. I guess I can’t really avoid addressing the obvious at this point – I am not in a relationship anymore and that’s about all I’m going to say about it here. I’m sorry to be so vague but it’s not something I’m willing to talk about publicly given all our mutual friends and how empty clichés sound without honest details. Anyways, I’ve been in a sublet for awhile now and I’m moving into another apartment with two roommates next week so I need to pack a bunch of stuff up this weekend. I’m ready to be settled somewhere that feels like my own again!

Anyways back to marathon training, this was a strange week. Here’s how it ended up and what’s on tap for this weekend.

Monday: 8 miles easy + core

  • I told you all about how weird it felt running at night, but it was a good reminder that I can in fact run outside my normal routine as silly as that sounds. I tend to think that if I don’t get it done in the morning then it’s never going to happen and that just doesn’t have to be true.

Tuesday: 7 miles at the track with Fenspeed


  • I loved this workout. We warmed up for a mile and ran 5 x 1200 with a 400 recovery between each set and a mile cool down. The pacing felt manageable running at 10K speed which is around 7:10 for me.

Wednesday: 44 stadium sections + core

  • I held back a little at the stadium knowing how my long run felt last week and because I started to feel a slight pain near my Achilles. I’m not trying to mess around with any injury right now so I skipped the 5 miles easy I was planning on doing after the stadium.

Thursday: Rest

  • See reason above.

Friday: 8 miles easy + core

  • I considered doing my long run this morning but 1) sleep felt lovely, and 2) I wanted to test out my Achilles before jumping right into higher mileage. Verdict: tight but no pain. Success!

Saturday: 6 miles easy with my team


  • I’ll join them for a few miles tomorrow before I set up a water stop halfway along their route. I’ve loved getting to know the regulars coming out every week and can’t wait to see all their hard work pay off at the Chicago Marathon!

Sunday: 16 miles with Georgia


  • I don’t remember the last time I did my long run on Sunday but I’m looking forward to starting a bit later and not having to rush right to work the second I finish. We’ll probably run somewhere beautiful like Castle Island. We haven’t run together all week (she’s also nursing an injury) and I feel like we have 100+ things to catch up on so I’m looking forward to the miles.

Total Mileage: 45

Highlights: Hopefully my long run but stay tuned! Track was solid and I’m proud of myself for getting back into a core routine.

Lowlights: Any inklings of an injury. I’ll pass, thanks.

Next Week’s Goals:

  • Keep that pain non-existent even if it means no stadium.
  • Gett back into a consistent morning routine because I snoozed a few too many times this week.
  • Be kind to myself since it’s going to be a draining week moving.

Have a great weekend, friends!


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