My September in 7 Highlights

Oh hey there. Remember me? I’m back from my unexpected month off from blogging, despite logging in here a few times to draft something and coming up empty handed. September has been nuts and blogging was one of the first things to fall off my routine, but I’ve missed writing and connecting with all of you desperately. So, how do I catch you up on the last month? By highlighting the biggest changes and adventures while skipping over the boring stuff. Basically here’s what I’d tell a friend I haven’t seen in awhile when she asks, “How have you been? What’s new?”

I’m an aunt!



  • Bodie was born on September 17th and I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Ohio the following week cuddling the little peanut. Follow @bodieandsydney on Instagram. You can thank me later.

I live with a boy.


  • It’s the best. I absolutely love our place and starting & ending the day with this one.

That boy became a coleader of November Project Boston.


  • Let the sap continue, but I couldn’t be more proud of him taking on this leadership role. He loves November Project more than anyone I know and in my biased opinion is the best person in the world to lead this group.

I turned 26.



  • Birthdays are the best. I had a perfect weekend starting with dinner with Alia, a lazy Saturday brunch at Veggie Galaxy, a night in New Hampshire at Christine’s cabin, gorgeous trail run, apple picking, and a big birthday dinner with friends on Sunday night.

I’m getting in to the swing of balancing two jobs & it’s so freaking cool that I get to talk about fitness & nutrition all day. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.26.27 AM

  • We had the first free Mission Bars: Run & Yoga class this month and I’m hoping to do them regularly once I find a space. The company is doing well and it’s awesome to see the direct impact of my work as we grow the brand in Boston. My afternoons are spent at MoveWith, a fitness startup that’s connecting the best instructors with their followers at classes in unique spaces.

I’m not running the 50K but I’m starting to love running again. 


  • Turns out the North Face Endurance Series California 50K sells out pretty fast and I slacked on registering. Honestly, I hadn’t started training so while I’m pretty bummed this won’t be my race I’m somewhat relieved not to compress a training program in to 8 weeks. I’m going to run the marathon relay instead and hopefully find another goal in the next few months. I love fall running so I’m starting to pick up mileage and do my best to keep up some fast people.

I’m experimenting with my diet. 

  • I hate the word diet so I just mean I’m trying to pay more attention to what I’m eating and how I’m feeling every day. I haven’t felt great the last month or two so I’m cutting back on inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, raw veggies) and seeing if that helps. I’m not trying to lose weight but I would like to feel less puffy and a little more energetic. Sleep has also taken a back seat this month so that’s definitely an area of improvement too. Tips on both are welcome.

And that’s pretty much the gist of it. I’m looking forward to a little calmer October, relatively speaking. This weekend I’ll be heading to New Hampshire for a 5 mile race straight up Loon Mountain. Sunday I’m working a Mission Bars event at CorePower and hopefully making some progress on getting the apartment in good shape. I may go wild and even blog tomorrow but if not catch ya on Monday. Have a good one, friends. Good to be back.

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