Weekend Recap: Franconia Ridge Hike

Hi friends! Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was bookended by packing but I did get to spend all day Saturday with Christine and Matt hiking the Franconia Ridge in the White Mountains.


I haven’t been hiking since I first moved back to Boston earlier in June, and Matt and I had the worst weather that day so there was absolutely zero view at the top. This time we set out for one of the most popular hikes for good reason. It covered three peaks (Lincoln, Little Haystack, and Lafayette) over nine miles, and you actually walk above tree line for a solid two miles while you’re hitting the second and third summits.



We got so lucky with the weather this time and luckily started early enough that the hottest part of the day came once we were descending in the shade. Minus a nasty fall by yours truly within the first mile, the day was perfect. We couldn’t have gotten better summer hiking weather, nabbed one of the last parking spots in a busy trailhead lot, and savored every minute of the nearly six hours we spent in the mountains.


I think this was the prettiest summer hike I’ve done and probably the most satisfying because you get to enjoy the summit views more than just a couple minutes. I also would much rather hike for a long time when you’re driving two hours each way to get there.

There’s something about hiking to the top of a mountain that makes me so thankful for the fact my legs are capable of bringing me to some incredible places. Hiking is a new thing for me and probably my favorite way to spend the day with friends simply because you can talk the whole time and get to spend way more time outside than you would with most other sports. I couldn’t go for a run with Matt, Christine, Chris, etc. for 6 hours since our paces are so different and none of us could actually run for more than a few hours at this point. Hiking is a different story.

Plus, how could you not love something that actually necessitates copious amounts of snacking?


I get asked a fair amount where I go hiking and I’m definitely a relative newbie but I’ve covered a good amount of trails over the last year. So many people in Boston rarely get out of the city which is pretty tragic so let me help you get started. I’m sure there are so many other mountains but I always go to the White Mountains off 93 North in New Hampshire, which is about 2+ hours from the city. So far I’ve hiked the Franconia Ridge, Monadnock, Liberty, Hancock, Osceola, North Kinsman, Cannon, Flume, Jackson, Pierce, Little Haystack…and some that I honestly can’t remember. Excellent tour guide over here. Also, hiking this past January gave New England winter a whole new purpose so get comfortable now on some fall trails and you’ll get a view like this some day.


Alright, time to get back to packing. Have a great night, friends!

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