Back in Boston

Hi friends! How has your week been? I made a sneak attack visit to Boston on Tuesday night, two days before I was supposed to arrive. When I saw that I wasn’t scheduled to work Tuesday or Wednesday, I changed my flight immediately. Six days in Boston sure beats four. I surprised Chris literally by hiding behind a tree outside the restaurant where he was eating (I don’t recommend doing that if you’d like to keep your self respect), but the surprises went off a little more seamlessly at November Project the next morning.

Chris and I woke up offensively early to run nine miles before the stadium. I had a tempo run on the plan, but my tempo pace quickly became a lot more like marathon pace (8:00 versus 7:20). I wouldn’t change a thing though because I had my favorite view again.


We finished the run at the stadium, where I did about five sections at a “social pace.” Meaning I walk alongside friends and cut across the sections to catch people. I had no desire to be sore or do much of anything thanks to nine miles + exhaustion from basically no sleep. It was such a wonderful morning catching up with people.


After a leisurely breakfast at Swissbakers, I headed downtown to meet Alia (work wife) for lunch and Kim (roommate) for coffee. I didn’t have a voice by 3:00 p.m. after talking non stop for hours, and I’m so thankful that nothing changes with your truly good friends despite the distance. After coffee I met my friend Matt to lounge on the Esplanade docks and soak up the beautiful day. We met Chris and Ricki afterwards for a solid three hour dinner at Life Alive, and I really couldn’t have asked for a better day. Thursday morning I rallied a small crew for track, and I ran 10 x 400s a little slower than normal but still a solid pace considering the week’s mileage.


The rest of the day was largely spent like Wednesday – breakfast with Ricki, lunch with Amanda, dinner with other friends. I’m seeing as many people as I possible can while I’m here. Friday started like every other Friday for the majority of the last 2.5 years  - Summit Ave. hill repeats. I ran the three miles to Brookline and ran two full hills, stopping when I hit around 45 minutes per my training plan. My legs were complete dead weight, no surprise there, but you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.


I’ve been a lot more sluggish this week than I was hoping for, but I’m truly taking the pressure off and am thankful that I’m running in my favorite city. I peaked with a three hour, 21 mile long run on Monday. The first two hours were solid, and I crashed on the third. I was extremely dehydrated, which I know from 1) refilling my water bottle three times, 2) finishing in pure salt streaks, and 3) feeling nauseated the remainder of the day. Combine that with a cross country flight, minimal sleep, tempo + track + hills and we have dead legs. So while tomorrow’s two hour run will be interesting, what I care about now is the fact I’m seeing many of my favorite people for dinner tonight and that’s all that matters.


I’m back in Boston and finally feel like myself again :)  Have a great night, friends!

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