Weekend Recap + New InsideTracker Panel

Hey there! How was your weekend? It’s one of those Mondays when you feel like it should really be spent snuggled up watching movies all day. I’m exhausted for no good reason considering that my weekend was fairly low key with my dad in town. Even though he’s the definition of low maintenance, I want to show him the best side of Boston so I try to cram all the fun things into our time together.


He got to the city after work on Friday and we headed straight for dinner at Bar Louie. I always wrote this place off as being too expensive but they actually had a ton of reasonably priced options. We split chicken tacos and the veggie flatbread, which were both delicious and just the right amount of food. Being the fantastic host that I am, I then made us go home at 9PM so I could get ready for my long run the next morning. Hey, it’s family.

I made a last minute call to do my long run before my team’s group run on Saturday, meaning a 5AM wake up for breakfast in bed. Aka eat a granola bar in the dark then try to fall back asleep for another half hour. I was out the door by 6AM to meet two friends for somewhere between 16 – 18 miles. One friend joined for the first 4 miles, and then it was only two of us for the remaining two hours. We chatted the whole time as we weaved along the river towards Castle Island in the Seaport.

I felt strong every mile, minus a few minutes here and there when I felt like the pace was getting harder. Those moments passed quickly though and the miles kept ticking off. Learning my lesson from last week, I brought Huma gels to eat after each hour, and I snagged sips of my friend’s water and Skratch. I didn’t look at my pace once and just ran by feel until we hit 18 miles and I saw an average pace of 8:10. Not bad at all, especially considering that I felt like I could have kept going and drop my pace even lower. This new approach is seriously working for me…knock on wood!


After the run, my dad and I grabbed breakfast at Pavement, browsed Assembly Square (unsuccessfully since I hate shopping), grabbed a drink at Yard House and then prepped dinner for a few friends. We made tacos, obviously, and had a great night mostly obsessing over this little one.


Sunday morning brought a recovery run to shake out some pretty stiff legs. I’m trying to balance my week so my long runs don’t make up so much of the week’s total mileage. Meaning more recovery runs and one mid-distance run during the week. So, recovery run it was instead of a full rest day since I already took one during the week. Five slow miles later, I arrived home to a text alert that Chris finished his half marathon with a 5 minute PR of 1:24. Holy. Fast. I’m so proud of him and my super fast friend, Jon, who PR’d by over a minute too.


Chris and I met two years ago through November Project and really became friends as we trained for a marathon together. Putting that into context – he was running my pace then and had no idea how fast he was yet. Now he’s running about two minutes faster on average. That progress alone is amazing, but the best part about the way he runs is his attitude. He truly loves running, pushing his limits, and seeing what happens every single day without being so obsessive about numbers. He’s helping me become such a stronger runner, and I can’t even explain how much more fun training I’ve had training this time around.

Anyways, after the run my dad and I feasted at The Friendly Toast for brunch and then wandered the Boston Public Market for a few hours until it was time for his flight back to Maryland. Once I sent him off I basically did nothing the rest of the day except bake some granola bars while watching the Food Network. I crashed early but the alarm clock still felt brutal, especially knowing we got hit with a little snow over night. Many layers later, Chris and I ran the 4 miles to the destination deck at the Charlestown Navy Yard. We did a circuit of burpees, bear crawls, box jumps, tricep dips, and sit-ups. Ending with a few lucky volunteers (yours truly) getting buried in the snow.


I was surprised to find how tired my entire body felt during the workout today and even now hours later. I’m not sore, but I do feel a little run down and truly haven’t felt energetic in the last month or so. I’ve never been the best sleeper, but I know an easy fix could be improving my nutrition especially now that I’m training again. So, it was a perfect time when my friend called last week to share a new InsideTracker panel. I’ve talked about InsideTracker before but for any new readers – it’s a sports nutrition company that uses science-based blood analytics to deliver personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on individual goals.

I tested with their Ultimate panel once and was amazed by the depth of information they gave me. In full honesty, I was also a little overwhelmed by the data and didn’t know where to start. A dietitian walked me through my results but I still felt like I wasn’t sure which biomarkers would have the biggest impact. Also, while they graciously offered me that test at a discount, I knew that the cost was prohibitive for the average person.

InsideTracker listened to the feedback and developed a panel that’s more affordable (around $200 versus $500), doesn’t require fasting before the blood test, and focuses on the markers that have the highest impact. Their new High Performance panel measures the 10 most important markers important markers for endurance, recovery and performance: testosterone, cortisol, vitamin D, ferritin, hemoglobin, vitamin B12, hsCRP, ALT, SHBG, and Creatine Kinase.

So, I’m getting a blood test with the High Performance panel this week, and I’ll share the results and progress as I see it. If you’re interested in their new offer, use code HPJANA. If five or more people use this code, then you’ll have the chance to win the Ultimate Panel (the most comprehensive package) as a follow up. Many of my friends have seen really big changes from applying the Inside Tracker recommendations, and I’m excited to learn what I can do to feel my best come race day.

That’s it for now and thanks for sticking with the longest, largely uneventful weekend recap ever. Have a great night, friends!

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