Philadelphia Marathon Training – Week 11 Recap

Hi friends! Sorry for ghosting you last week. We had events nearly every night at Janji and it was one of those run, work, repeat kind of weeks. My peak training week for Philly went super well so obviously need to document here for memory’s sake when those pre-race jitters kick in. The last I checked in about training I was coming off a lower mileage week after nursing an Achilles injury and happy to report that I’m pain-free now! So here’s how last week shaped out + a little non-running related life updates peppered in there :)

Monday: 10 miles with Georgia & Kelsey + core


  • I felt great! This was my first longer run since taking a few days easy from the Achilles pain and I was so relieved to find that it was mostly gone. I felt more tightness in my calf than any other pain, and I immediately hopped on the foam roller when I got back. Foam roller + Epsom salt foot baths + self-massage with pain relief cream seemed to do the trick.

Tuesday: 20 miles at 7:46 average

  • The hardest and strongest long run this season. Love when that happens before the taper. I ran 10 easy on my own and met John for 3 sets of 20 minutes holding between a 7:15-7:30 pace.
  • I nailed it the first 2 sets when he paced me, but I slowed down a bit on the third set when he started his own workout. (He basically speed walks pacing me.) Either way, it was still encouraging to be able to maintain that pace after running 10-15 miles. My legs actually felt better the longer I ran and I didn’t feel any pain the rest of the day which was shocking.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 8 miles with Georgia + 2 with Run | Yoga crew


  • This was a strange morning because I was up early to host a run club at the store. While they ran, I picked up bagels and coffee for their return. A few hours later, I met Georgia for 8 easy miles but I never really felt smooth probably since it was out of my routine. I’m not used to running on a full belly and coffee.
  • I ended the night with 2 shakeout miles before the last Run + Yoga series with Britto. It’s been so fun leading this crew every week and I can’t wait until our next series!

Friday: 12 miles of speed work

  • I met John for a speed workout of 5 x 1 mile repeats with 1:00 rest. My splits were 6:41 / 6:48 / 6:48 / 6:48 / 6:58. The pace actually felt really controlled but the short rest got to me by the end. Still a solid day and zero pain even running hard.

Saturday: 10 miles with Nomadic Run Crew




  • Meet the Nomads – Janji’s newest run club that meets every Saturday at 9:30am from the store for 10 miles. We’re exploring routes off the beaten path and stopping at street art along the way.
  • We had such a great kickoff run that had me on a high all day long. Plus I recruited Georgia & Kelsey to join so it felt like an special bonus day getting to run with them :)

Sunday: Rest

Total Mileage: 62


  • So many! First, running pain-free. That was my #1 goal of the week.
  • Great long run and getting more comfortable with a harder pace. I’m practicing positive self-talk with a constant stream of – “You’re fine. Relax. Focus. Stay controlled. Stay calm.”
  • Strong mile repeats, one of my favorite confidence-boosting workouts.
  • Nomadic Run Crew launch! I’ve been so excited about this and it went way better than I could have expected.


  • Adjusting to a sleep medication. I’ve told you all about my insomnia before and after trying every natural remedy, I finally gave into my doctor’s recommendation to try a sleep medication. He asked that I give it a month and then we’d reevaluate. So far it hasn’t helped me sleep through the night and instead just makes me incredibly groggy waking up. Fingers crossed that I’m still adjusting to it.

This Week’s Goals:

  • Start coming down in volume but keep the intensity high.
  • Keep injuries at bay! Continue foam rolling, massaging and prioritizing hydration and nutrition every day.

That’s it for tonight. Have a good one, friends!

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