A little about me

I’m Jana and first off thank you for visiting my blog! My friends eventually got sick of me talking about fitness, food and all things health so I started this blog as a way to share my passions with anyone who will listen. I’m a 20-something girl in Boston who loves staying in motion, from yoga to running to sprinting stadium stairs. I’ve come a long way from a girl who viewed “working out” as something solely done in a gym to burn calories, while I now see fitness as a lifestyle. I crave food that can fuel what I love to do, even when my hunger mocks the “serving size” of granola. Seriously?

I grew up in a suburb of Maryland not far from DC and when the time came to leave my all girls Catholic school, I applied to colleges all over the country. My heart landed in Boston and kept me there for seven years. I loved my time at Boston College but moved home after graduation due to an illness in the family. A year later I still dreamed of coming back. I made a quick decision, received an offer from a large public relations agency for a healthcare position, and moved to an apartment I had never seen with a roommate I had never met weeks later. And thank god I did. I’m sure I would have made a life for myself in DC but ever since I stepped foot on campus as a scared 17 year old freshman, Boston became my home. Until I decided to pick up everything and move 3,000 miles away in pursuit of a simpler lifestyle out west. But more on that later.

My life really changed on January 14, 2013 when I decided to show up one day at November Project, a free fitness “tribe” that meets three times a week across Boston for circuits, stadiums and hills. It has introduced me to people I now consider my family and redefined how I view working out. I’m inspired by these people to do more of what I love, and I want to find a way someday to incorporate my passions for health and fitness into all elements of my life. These people led me to aspire for higher goals, such as qualifying for the Boston Marathon, and getting out of my comfort zone by moving to Los Angeles. After making five trips to LA over nine months, I realized it was time to make a change and move somewhere that allowed me to do what I loved 365 days of the year.

Well, that lasted 3 months. It didn’t take long to realize LA wasn’t the city for me and my heart was back in Boston. I returned to this beautiful city in June 2015, and I’ve been (re)building my career and community day by day. You’ll find me talking about my workouts, nutrition, cooking, and adventures – from Bachelorette viewing parties to hiking. I promise that I will write genuinely, honestly and passionately. My life isn’t perfect but let’s be honest, perfect is boring.

And about that blog name – after spending hours brainstorming with one of my closest friends, we came up with “Bananas for Balance” for two reasons. One, my nickname is Jana Banana. Two, balance can represent so many things – I love lazy mornings just as much as I love long runs. Pizza as much as kale. Green smoothies as much as wine. Career growth as much as quality time with friends. I strive to find some kind of balance in my life every day.