Wanderlust 108 Charlotte Recap + Other Life Happenings

Hey strangers! Hope you’ve been doing well. Things have been a little crazy recently but it’s good to be back. Last week was nuts trying to cram everything into a 3.5 day work week before heading down to DC on Thursday. Instead of a boring day by day recap, here’s what you missed:

1. Last Monday’s destination deck was inside Fenway Park. We met in a parking lot a block away and the leaders led us to a surprise workout inside Fenway. It was surreal having such a Boston institution all to ourselves at 6:30am. Plus it was a sneaky hard workout that had everyone sore for days.



2. Boston randomly decided winter isn’t over and some snow ruined my track Tuesday and stadium Wednesday rhythm, but we did a tough workout behind Harvard that did not help that whole sore thing. Trust me, running through even a couple inches of snow makes it feel like quick sand.


3. My long run never happened. My body was just not feeling it last week and I was hoping to get my long run in before work on Thursday but I needed the sleep. I met up with another run club instead and got 9 miles in. That alone was brutal so I knew I made the right call.

4. A few of us drove down to DC on Thursday and crashed at my dad’s before heading to a beautiful sunrise workout with NP DC. A bunch of people were in town for another North Face trail race outside DC so this was another workout that felt like a college reunion seeing old friends.



5. I led the Wanderlust 108 5K in Charlotte. I flew into Charlotte late on Friday night and headed straight for the hotel where I practiced my pre-run stretch routine. I didn’t want to be too rehearsed since I knew this was a casual race so I called it a night early and figured a good night’s sleep was the most important thing at play. Early Saturday I headed to Romare Bearden Park in downtown Charlotte and the event organizers walked me through the flow of the morning. Everyone started lining up at the race start around 8:45 a.m. and before I knew it the MC was introducing me as the “adidas Run Influencer.” I led them through a 5 minute stretch, threw in a sneaky NP-style hug + “I’m glad you’re here” at the end, and cheered everyone on as they started the race. I jumped in a few minutes later and ran the 5K alongside as many people as I could.

Credit: Steven Mills

Credit: Steven Mills

All in all, I was super nervous and I bet it showed, but I’m proud of myself for doing something scary and totally outside my comfort zone. I have another one of these planned for the fall but I think I’ll bring someone along next time and take advantage of the paid-for travel and explore the city. It was a whirlwind trip going for 14 hours and I admittedly did think a lot about the race that I turned down in DC. I’m realizing more and more that no matter what cool opportunities come my way, I’ll always put more weight into experiences with my friends and family. Good learning experience and I’m still really glad I did it since the whole experience was awesome. Thanks to adidas for some sweet gear too!

IMG_1226 (1)

8. Other lesson learned: never commit to a 8+ hour car ride after a night out with NP.

9. This week is going to be insane. I have tonight free but then starting tomorrow friends from all around the country start trickling in for the Boston Marathon week. Between tomorrow and next Wednesday, we will have 7 friends staying in our one bedroom apartment at various points. Every single night there are events happening through Marathon Monday, and this weekend alone has things going on nearly every hour. I’m excited, overwhelmed, and can’t believe marathon week is here again! It was this week last year that made me decide to move back to Boston, and I’m so glad I’m back in my favorite city for the best time of the year.


I’ll check in sometime this week filling you in on the insanity + hopefully some more solid runs. The marathon is just about a month away so the next two weeks are huge for getting solid training under my belt. That’s it for tonight. Have a good one friends!

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