Favorite dinner these days

Hi there! How was your Wednesday? Summer has been wonderfully jam-packed as everyone soaks up the limited nice weather we have left in Boston, and my regular blogging schedule has gone out the window too in case you haven’t noticed. So thanks for sticking with me, and let’s back up again to yesterday morning since that seems to be the pattern these days.

Technically I’m in a taper mode, but my body would tell you differently since I’ve had some odd lingering hamstring pain that just won’t seem to go away. How is it that I’ve run 40 to 50 mile weeks for the last 13 weeks without any issues and the minute I throttle back I feel pain? I’m not calling this an injury, because it’s not and I actually refuse to use the word injury two weeks out from race day, but my tendon seems to have some kind of inflammation. My coach knows this and says to keep running unless it gets worse, and it actually feels better the longer I run, which is a good thing considering I’m gunning for a marathon and not a 5K. Anyways, I had an eight mile tempo run on my plan yesterday so I started it with a two mile warmup to the track to meet my group.

Recycled pic because I miss Sydney.

Recycled pic because I miss Sydney.

Even though three tempo miles didn’t need to be done on a track, I improvised so I could still get the group energy even though I wasn’t doing their workout. I love my track Tuesdays just as much as I love NP on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so I’ll do whatever I can not to miss it. I ran faster than my goal pace with splits at 7:19, 7:18 and 7:12, followed by a two mile cool down home. A solid run to start the day!

I admittedly have spent a little too much time at work recently watching the clock tick by (more on that another day), so I was more than ready to head out around 6 for Amanda’s. She hosted a clothing swap to get rid of some clothes before she moves apartments, and it was such a great idea asking everyone to exchange clothes before taking them to consignment or Goodwill. Even though I didn’t contribute from sheer laziness, I joined just to catch up with some of the girls. Perfect way to end the night.


Wednesday morning came too early, and I sleepily ran four miles to the stadium. I’m not doing the stadium until after my race, and as much as I enjoy cheering people on, I can’t wait to get back at it. I came a long way in stadium endurance and know how quickly you lose it, so the fall is going to be rough. There’s nothing like the high you feel after this workout though, no matter how ugly it might feel at the time. Just a few more weeks!


Let’s fast forward to my dinner tonight since it’s been a recent go-to that I love because it’s ready in less than ten minutes. No surprise here – I’m not a food blogger, but I do love food. I don’t, however, love cooking anything for myself that’s going to take substantial time after I come home from work. The key to quick dinners is to prepare a couple things on Sunday so all you have to do is reheat, sass it up and assemble. For example, this weekend I roasted a large pan of broccoli, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes. Roasted veggies are so much more flavorful, and I’m able to get a healthy carbohydrate with the sweet potatoes that otherwise I wouldn’t have the patience to cook during the week.

Tonight I sautéed garlic and kale in coconut oil for a few minutes, added the veggies and potatoes, half a can of rinsed black beans, Mediterranean hummus, and shredded sharp cheddar cheese. I topped all of these with a few spoonfuls of salsa and seasoned it with Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute. It was delicious. The combination of hummus and salsa sounds odd, but try it once and you’ll never go back.


I do variations of this type of dinner almost every night, and it has yet to disappoint. What are your favorite quick and easy dinners during the week? I can always use new ideas! Have a great night, friends.

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