ML6K Race Recap

Well look at that – a RACE recap. Let me tell ya, there were moments over the last few months when I felt like running was a complete fantasy. But here I am running two days a week and loving every minute. Sure, it will be awesome when I can run without walking or run without thinking about whether I’m in any pain but I’ll take it. So first let’s back up to my run last Friday because that was the first day that felt like a “real” run and it had me flying high all weekend.


I asked Kelsey if she would join my run / walk attempt around the Summit Avenue hills and she was game. I’m not ready for Summit repeats but there are some great rolling hills in that neighborhood and this lets me still feel somewhat involved in NP. My game plan was 8 x 4 minutes running / 1 minute walking for a total of 40 minutes. Another good friend joined us and we were off and moving.

I tried to keep my normal clip during the run segments and think we averaged just around an 8 minute pace. I’m also trying to get my cadence up to 188 so that gives me something else to focus on aside from the “does my foot hurt” panic. Luckily, no pain and and we covered 4.5 miles! I was pretty surprised how far we ran since I mostly wrote off my run / walk program as being any sort of “hard” effort. Considering my legs were absolutely trashed the rest of the day, I’d say it was hard. But so, so fun.

I had a little bit of arch pain later on in the day so I decided to take the weekend off exercise fully since I’m not trying to flirt with any injuries. I kicked off Saturday supporting the Nomadic Run Crew as they ran to a mural in Coolidge Corner then Fenway and as always, it was my favorite part of the week. Locals, you need to come sometime.



Saturday night was full of birthday festivities for Jenna, and Sunday was a fairly chill day recovering.


And then I raced. Me! November Project hosted their annual Sunrise 6K race on MLK Day (thus ML6K) at Castle Island. Last year I averaged around a 7 minute pace and obviously that was nowhere in reach but I just hoped to finish the race pain-free. My good friend, Lacey, is also coming back from a foot injury so she was down to do my 5 minutes on / 1 minute off program. We lined up with this crew for a pre-race photo and took off, trying to keep a fast clip but running fairly naturally.


The first walk break was annoying thanks to something called my ego. I hated stopping in a race but I had to stay focused on our goal and luckily Lacey kept me accountable too. We continued with this run / walk pattern, playing leap frog with a bunch of runners, and somehow finished just around 30 minutes which was an 8 minute pace, including the walk breaks.


Looks like we maintained anywhere from 6:40 – 7:20 pace during our runs, which is nuts to me. I’m sure I couldn’t have sustained that pace for the full 6K but it was super encouraging that my legs could do that for even 5 minutes at a time. We were both pumped!


A big group of us headed to Friendly Toast for breakfast afterwards then I spent the majority of the day watching movies on my couch. I met Mike and John for dinner that night and left feeling so thankful I get to call these two coworkers. They’re the best.

I’ve been fairly conservative this week exercise-wise because the race aggravated my arch pain a little bit. I haven’t felt anything where the stress fracture occurred in awhile, which my PT said is a great sign, but I do feel some aches in other areas of my foot. She said this is normal as your foot gets used to reloading weight again, but I still wanted to take it easy. I lifted yesterday and skipped the stadium today in favor of the gym. I’ll lift tomorrow and run with Kelsey around Summit again Friday.


I’m getting there, my friends! That’s it for tonight. Have a good one :)

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